Here you can find some of our more recent ongoing work that is not yet published in peer-reviewed journals, but sufficiently advanced for the public eye. As this is work in progress, we appreciate any form of discussion, suggestions, spotting of errors etc.. Please connect via email or any other public media channel.  

B. Werner et al., Measuring single cell divisions in human cancers from multi-region sequencing data. bioRxiv (2019).

M.J. Williams et al., Measuring the distribution of fitness effects in somatic evolution by combining clonal dynamics with dN/dS ratios. bioRxiv (2019). 

G. Caravagna et al., Model-based tumour subclonal reconstruction. bioRxiv (2019). 

E. Lakatos et al., Evolutionary dynamics of neoantigens in growing tumours. bioRxiv (2019).

Neutral evolution debate

Some of our recent publications sparked an interesting debate on the interpretation of cancer genomic data. In particular, it focused attention on what signals are actually due to selection and which part of the cancer genomic data is a natural and expected result of an exponentially growing cancer cell population. More on this debate can be found here:

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