Evolutionary Dynamics Group

I am a group leader at the Centre for Cancer Evolution and Computational Biology at the Barts Cancer Institute.  Our work focuses on  somatic evolutionary processes. I am especially interested in the theoretical aspects of these evolutionary processes and how these theories combined with experimental/clinical data allow a better understanding. We also work on the population genetics of predator-prey co-evolution and the mutational spread in large asexual populations, e.g. seagrass and corals. We closely collaborate with other experimental, clinical and theoretical groups, e.g. Andrea Sottoriva, Trevor Graham, Arne Traulsen, Jude Fitzgibbon, Weini Huang, Lutz Becks, Thorsten Reusch and many others.

There are positions for Post Docs and PhD students available. If you are interested in the modelling of somatic evolutionary processes and see yourself working in central London in a very nice cancer research institute, please get in contact. 

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